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“Just do it” – Nike

As a Fencing Coach qualified to National level in all three weapons I have a track record of achieving results competitively both for myself as well as coaching individuals and teams. Consequently I know very well that results are not just about the physical and technical (important and integral though they are). Just as important is mental attitude and focus. If the mind is not attuned and trained also then only half the person is actually taking part in competing. I work with sportspeople to achieve the right mental state for competitive success consistently.

I am not there to replace any existing coach but rather to complement instilling techniques and procedures so that in the future you have those skills and resources within yourself.

My aim is to be a coach and not a crutch and in that regards consider success to be judged by being told that I am no longer needed!

Do you always compete at your very best?

Are there areas of performance that you feel that you have reached your full potential?

Mentally are you always motivated, always decisive and always performing to your optimum?

If the answer to any of the above is No then our Take Control Sports Programme may be for you.

I work personally with you and in conjunction with any other coaches that you may have to improve your motivation, decision making and mental performance. You will get 10 two hour sessions focused solely on you and improving the key areas so that you can be a better sportsman in your chosen field.

Imagine being mentally tougher, more accomplished and more focused. Your life will never be the same again!

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