Show Business & Entertainment

“I’m a parent, and I try to take care of my health and keep my life in order. In the last few years I’ve really had to decide what’s important to me, and it seems to me that my family and my health are top of the list. And those things have nothing to do with showbusiness” -Diana Ross

As an entertainer – be it acting, singing, presenting or any of the other vocations in show business – Nationally, locally or on the amateur stage – it is important to maintain confidence, exude personality and be in the right frame of mind.

Many are the tales of the tongue tied DJ, the presenter nervous to face a guest, the unmotivated actor or the singer stalling on stage. No matter the level of entertainer there are examples of why it is important to be motivated and channelled.

With a modicum of experience in broadcasting both live and recorded I understand why it is important to be at your best consistently.

Using proven techniques I work with entertainers at any level to ensure that they have the resources and ability to be mentally at the top of their game and in the correct frame of mind to give their very best.

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