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“In addition to its remedial therapeutic applications, capable people are in the process of applying NLP methods generatively in every field that involves human communications: education, business, nursing, sports, medicine etc…./…and has even begun to be accepted and taught in Universities” – Steve Andreas, Foreword to British Edition, Frogs into Princes

So! What is it?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (which is a bit of a mouthful) is a set of techniques, based upon proven principles, which allows a Practitioner (me), to work with a client to achieve their goals and desires and to give them the resources to become Personally Empowered. It is based upon the fundamental knowledge and principles of understanding as to how our nervous system processes information, how we communicate based on that information and how the patterns, programmes and strategies that we run in our neurology can be used to achieve our specific desired outcomes CONSISTENTLY.

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