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“I think that there is a world market for maybe five computers” – Thomas Watson, Chairman of IBM 1943

It is easy to confuse coaching with mentoring and a lot of organisations do. Mentoring supposes that an individual understands the respective business and will assist others with their own experience. Coaching recognises that the key skill is to enable individuals to be better than the Coach. Also, a number of organisations, because of their structure find that they “cannot see the wood for the trees”. Consequently decisions continue to be made in the same way – with the same results.

I can be commissioned either to resolve a particular problem area or to provide a root and branch review to enable Change Management. This need not (and should not) come at a large resource cost. Fresh eyes, together with key proven processes result in the ability to create much larger results with minimal organisational upheaval. The difference that makes a difference.


Do your teams fulfil their potential?

Are the teams values the same as your organisation?

Are all of your projects on target and working smoothly?

Are there areas of business that you would like to see change for the better?

Our High Performance Coaching package can address all of the above and more.

We tailor any package to suit the needs of the organisation and then deliver with key outcomes that can be evidenced.

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