Executive & Business Coaching

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“If you see a bandwagon, it’s too late” – James Goldsmith

With a proven track record of business start up, business management and marketing I know that as a business owner you find yourself responsible for many areas. The success of the business, dealing with employees, day to day administration, ongoing stability, future planning etc etc.

In this mix, many of which have nothing to do with what the business was actually set up to do, it can be very difficult to talk to someone who understands and is not part of the environment itself. It can be all too easy to either take the problems home or store them up – neither of which are ideal.

Additionally maintaining motivation, being profitable and foreword planning with confidence are usually at the forefront of a business owners mind.

I will work with you to achieve constant motivation, increase productivity and profitability. I will also help to eradicate stress so that home and family life can be more fulfilling. I will assist in creating a structure whereby you are congruent at work and at home and able to achieve the right work/life balance. As a result you will discover that you are more productive, motivated, profitable and able to relax outside of work rather than bring it home.


Ask yourself:

“What is it that you are not doing that you want to do?”

“What is it that you are not having that you want to have?”

“What are you worst at?”

“What are you best at?”

“Is my work life balance as I would like it?”

“Would I be happy with increasing my net profit”

If any of the above have you thinking, then you already can see the value in having a business coach.

You will start with a three hour springboard session and then 9 further two hour one to one coaching sessions which can be as frequent as once a week or as spaced as monthly – your decision based on the needs of your business and how quickly you want to achieve results. After the first session a structured, focused, series of sessions are designed to increase your capabilities, provide business focus, work/life balance, achieving goals and ultimately put you In Control of your business and its profitability.

Once the programme is finished you have the choice as to whether ongoing coaching has any further benefit and value to you and this can be organised at that time.

Imagine….Control of your business, clear focused outcomes, more time with those that you wish to spend time with, and more profitable as a result. Your business will be transformed for the better for ever!

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