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Andrew Baggott. Ex Armed Forces. Fencing Coach.

Businessman. TV & Radio Commentaire. Writer. Public Speaker.

Cook. Master of Provocative Empathy Coaching.



Andrew learned at the age of 5, with the death of his mother, that, the world is not always a perfect place, and that disaster can be around the next corner. He also learned that either trauma, and disaster can control your life (being a victim), or it can be used to shape the life you want. He soon chose the latter option. Joining the Army showed Andrew that being a follower pretty much sucks and in order to make a difference to yourself and others then you need to lead. In leading, he also learnt that the most effective leadership is to lead from the front, setting an example for others to follow, which throughout his career he has always done. . He has discovered that combining performance, with a passion for the subject transforms teaching into a positive experience for all be it a full class or one to one. Andrew has worked abroad, in the media, in politics and in local government as well as assisting in business start ups. As a result he knows that there are an infinite variety of people all with valid different experiences and world views. He also recognises that there are an equal amount of solutions to peoples and organisations problems. He has been, over time, imperfect in many areas and has found that to be depressingly pedestrian. As a result he is driven to deliver the best possible service and the maximum outcome for clients. An addition to the family, his daughter, (Willow Baggott) provides new insights and an increased dry cleaning bill.

Credentials. 7(Para) Regt RHA. National Fencing Coach (Foil, Epee, Sabre). IFA Sales Director & Adviser. Legal Services Marketing Director. Appearances (as expert) on ESBN, Money Channel, GMTV, Radio 4. Speaker at Various conferences. Ex Cabinet Member Basildon Council. NLP Practitioner. Hypnotherapist. Time Line Therapist. Creating your own future coaching techniques. Executive and business coaching.

About Adjustment Bureau

I am proud to have trained under David Shephard of the Performance Partnership, in NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy. These three techniques combined with experience and other learnings provide me with a very powerful “Toolbox”. A “Toolbox” utilised for the purposes of empowering people and affecting positive change in individuals.

For organisations it allows me to add value by applying Key processes to organisations to assist with off target projects, under performance or improving efficiency and profitability.

My main Maxim is “Empowering You”, whether this is through Coaching, by Training and Development, or using therapeutic techniques. Whatever the role my goal is to arrive at the point where I am either no longer needed or only needed for new situations. As a result of giving individuals/organisations the skills and resources they need – thus allowing them to prosper, develop and grow then they can, at the right time, dispense with me to get on with Doing and Achieving. That is empowerment.

If the circumstances are right retainers can be accepted.

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